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Residential Origination Solutions

Licensed Underwriting & Loan Fulfillment Support

Comprehensive fulfillment support services, including fully licensed underwriting, enabling lenders to adapt amid shifting market dynamics, focus on their end customer, and drive profitability.

Expanding upon robust secondary market offerings and the foundation of the acquired Assimilate Solutions LLC, SitusAMC has a comprehensive fulfillment offering supporting mortgage originators. 

These services range from individual, customized component solutions to fully licensed underwriting and are executed by a global workforce built to support a diverse range of client needs on a 24-hour workday.

Our experienced licensed underwriters, along with the global support team, provide flexible yet reliable capacity, allowing us to support multiple product lines and offer purchase transaction expertise, with reps and warrants against salability issues and repurchase requests.

SitusAMC's dedicated underwriting team can interact with your Loan Officers / Brokers / Correspondents and our single-point-of-contact Client Relationship Managers ensure consistent service and communications for our clients.


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