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End-to-End Warehouse Management System-of-Record

Fully integrated, one-stop shop to identify, manage, track, fund and operate warehouse financing and credit lines.



Manage, track, fund and operate your warehouse financing and credit lines with ease.

Aware is a transformational warehouse management system-of-record for mortgage originators and purchasers, providing a fully integrated, one-stop-shop for warehouse management and allocation.

Aware has integrations with top warehouse lenders using SitusAMC’s ProMerit & WLS solutions (>70% of the warehouse lending market), and with all major custodians using SitusAMC's emBTRUST solutions (85% of the custodial market).

Of the largest ranked custodians in the US use emBTRUST
Warehouse lenders are on ProMerit & WLS

Powering more connected warehouse relationships

Streamline Operations
Streamline Operations

Streamline Operations

Take control of your warehouse lines, enabling more efficient and effective maintenance, oversight, and data management across multiple facilities.

Improve Connectivity
Improve Connectivity

Improve Connectivity

Seamlessly integrates with Loan Origination Systems as well as the leading warehouse (ProMerit & WLS) and document custody (emBTRUST) systems to simplify the management of the entire warehouse financing process and strengthen relationships with key participants.

Enhance Financing
Enhance Financing

Enhance Financing

Customizable allocation tool that determines and connects borrowers with an eligible warehouse line to fund a single asset or a group of assets based on key indicators; relationship, production assignments & utilization.


Capabilities of the system

Configurable Facility
Configurable Facility (MRA) Setup & Tracking
  • Fully configure all components of each Warehouse MRA: limits and pricing, eligibility, advance rates, fees
  • Track funding and collateral across the entire warehouse lifecycle
  • Full picture of each Warehouse & Custodian relationship
Seamless Integrations
Seamless Integrations
  • API-based integrations with top warehouse lenders using SitusAMC’s ProMerit & WLS solutions to support funding request, status updates, and pay- offs.
  • API-based integrations with all major custodians using SitusAMC emBTRUST solutions supporting wet/dry updates, shipping, and pay-offs
  • File-based integrations and hooks for non-SitusAMC Warehouse & Custodian clients
Reporting & Dashboards
Comprehensive Reporting & Dashboards
  • Comprehensive reporting on all aspects of the Warehouse lifecycle
  • Graphical interface enabling quick view or deep dive into the data
  • Role-based viewing to protect sensitive information
Intelligent Allocation
Intelligent Allocation Engine
  • Determine ideal funding using facility (MRA) Setup and a selection of loans plus other factors including: relationship, utilization, contractual commitments, lowest cost, and highest ROI
  • Decisions can be made or left up to processors based on review of results
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