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Commercial Real Estate Valuation Solutions

Appraisal & Consulting Services

SitusAMC is the leading independent, licensed provider of commercial real estate appraisal and consulting services.

Our highly-credentialed team  provides comprehensive services including portfolio, collateral, and development valuations as well as fiduciary services, litigation support,  purchase price allocations, supporting financial reporting and both strategic and tactical decision making. 

We leverage real time data, research, and innovative technology to help our clients, including non-traded REITs, interval funds, open & closed-end funds, general accounts, and family offices, value/analyze at the fund, asset, and equitylevel. We provide efficient, limited scope USPAP compliant appraisal reporting and can support valuations on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis as well as in the case of a material event across all geographies and asset types. 

SitusAMC Real Estate Valuation Services, LLC is a SEC-Registered Investment Advisor.


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of CRE assets evaluated in US & Europe in 2023
reviews and appraisals completed in 2023
of NPI supported (35% of NPI-ODCE)
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