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SitusAMC Inks Agreement With Independent Financial To Transition Warehouse Lending System To SaaS-Based ProMerit

February 2024

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New York, NY (02.20.2024) – SitusAMC and Independent Financial have entered into an agreement to transition from the company’s warehouse lending platform WLS to its SaaS-based,  enterprise-level warehouse lending platform ProMerit.

“SitusAMC’s development team has been diligently enhancing ProMerit and converting it to a SaaS-based delivery model over the last two years. While other existing ProMerit clients have upgraded to the cloud-hosted platform this marks the first legacy WLS client to do so under our standardized approach”, says Anthony Beshara, SitusAMC’s Managing Director and Head of Warehouse Financing and Custody Solutions. “This is an important step forward for our long-standing client base as our valued customers look to enhance their warehouse lending technology.”

SitusAMC began sharing benefits of transitioning to SaaS-based ProMerit with Independent Financial in May 2023. “Independent Financial wanted to take their warehouse lending business to the next level”, says Rich Berg, SitusAMC’s Senior Director of Warehouse & Custodial Technology. “By upgrading to ProMerit not only will they gain additional features, functionality and integrations, with ProMerit’s brand recognition in the industry they hope to attract business from larger clients.”

Upgrading to SaaS-based ProMerit will provide clients with an updated user interface that includes customizable dashboards, allowing them to quickly view an overview of their business. The latest version of ProMerit has been enhanced to automate tasks, increase self-service options, and integrate with loan origination systems, wire verification services, shipping/tracking of files, and other features. The increased functionality and customization of the SaaS platform makes it easier to support new products and financing options, ultimately streamlining operations for clients.

“Independent Financial Warehouse Lending (IFWHL) is excited about transitioning to ProMerit. Although WLS has served us well for over ten years, we have grown tenfold in just the last five years and now provide warehouse funding for over 250 small and mid-size mortgage bankers nationwide”, says James Hinton, Independent Financial’s Executive Vice President and Director of Warehouse Lending. “ProMerit provides enhanced reporting, automation, and connectivity to our customers and industry partners, giving us a smooth path for our future, sustenance of our best-in-class customer service, and ease of use by our warehouse lending professionals.”

The ProMerit SaaS platform is available to all warehouse lenders and existing clients now. For more information, visit or contact Rich Berg.


About SitusAMC

SitusAMC is a leading independent provider of technology, strategic outsourcing, talent and advisory solutions to the commercial and residential real estate finance industries. The company helps clients identify and capture opportunities in their real estate businesses through industry-leading services and innovative technologies that drive operational efficiency, increase business effectiveness, and improve market agility across the entire lifecycle of their global real estate activity. For more information visit

About Independent Bank Group

Independent Bank Group, through its wholly owned subsidiary, Independent Bank, provides a wide range of relationship-driven commercial banking products and services tailored to meet the needs of businesses, professionals and individuals. Independent Bank Group operates in four market regions located in the Dallas/Ft. Worth, Austin, and Houston, Texas and the Colorado Front Range areas.

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Drew Norman
Director, Marketing, Residential Real Estate Solutions

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