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Commercial Real Estate

Comprehensive investment advisory, servicing, asset management, and valuation services supporting the entire lifecycle of commercial real estate finance.
New originations supported in 2023
Rated securitizations supported in 2023
UPB managed across the US & Europe
Debt valued on a quarterly basis
CRE professionals managed across dedicated client teams

SitusAMC is trusted partner for leading organizations in the commercial real estate finance industry including banks, alternative lenders, CMBS issuers, and insurance companies. Our innovative solutions support the entire lifecycle of commercial real estate activity, from originations to secondary market activity to loan servicing and asset management, leveraging expert-led services, data, research, and analytics to power more efficient, effective, and agile businesses. How can we power your opportunity? 

CRE lifecycle

We Power the Full CRE Lifecycle

From investment advisory to servicing and asset management to valuations, SitusAMC has built the most comprehensive offering in commercial real estate finance to help lenders and investors power their businesses.  

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Talent Trends

“We pride ourselves in having the industry’s most complete solution and top professionals. We bring those elements together to power our clients CRE lending and investing businesses and help them achieve their goals.” 

Anne Jablonski
Anne Jablonski, Head of Commercial Real Estate 
Anne Jablonski