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Residential Real Estate Solutions

Valuation, Analytics & Hedging

Independent, defensible valuation, analytics and hedging services.

SitusAMC is a leader in the valuation, analytics and hedging of MSR, whole loans, and other hard-to-value assets. Our team of dedicated analysts marry key market and industry data, our own unparalleled time-series and point-in-time loan performance information analysis, as well as trade data from our brokerage team. We focus on data quality, applying technology to rigorously scrub, format, prep, and standardize unruly data, which results in better performance models and metrics and a deeper understanding of its asset-level characteristics, behavior, and performance, monitoring and referencing it over the life of that asset.

MSR volume valued monthly
Portfolios priced each month in 2023
MSR UPB traded over 49 transactions in 2023