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Residential Real Estate Solutions

Newly Originated & Seasoned Underwriting

SitusAMC is the leading market provider of rating-agency approved residential loan-level diligence services for newly originated and seasoned loans.

We provide comprehensive fulfilment and diligence services to meet our clients’ needs, including expert review of pre-sale, post-sale, and in-depth quality control for both newly originated and seasoned asset pools. Our services are strengthened by our robust collateral, asset, and data management technologies for loan underwriting, compliance, document classification, and workflow management. We have deep connectivity to custodians and servicers, and leverage the industry's most comprehensive and sophisticated approach to managing loan data and collateral, with 20+ years of experience. 

Our offering is backed by our global workforce and can be embedded within a client's operations or completely segregated for independence, with the ability to report data via APIs to client systems. Our significant client base and market-standard reporting also facilitates more efficient transactions and reliance letters.


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Seasoned compliance loan file reviews completed since 2017
Rated securitization transactions supported since 2017
Market share in RPL loan file reviews