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Commercial Real Estate Valuation Solutions

Daily Valuation Services

SitusAMC has more than 17 years of experience providing daily share price (Daily NAV) reporting across both fund-of-funds and direct investment structures. 

Our team of experienced professionals partner with real estate investors, including 3 of the largest daily funds, to more closely monitor and report on the daily value of their portfolios. We do this by calculating the Fund Daily NAV by utilizing property and fund-level information. The reported GAV and other property-level information such as ownership, capital expenditures, promoted interest, and net income is utilized to determine each asset’s appreciation and income allocation. We then aggregate the property-level reporting with the fund level inputs such as net investments, expenses, and debt to determine a daily share price. 

SitusAMC Real Estate Valuation Services, LLC is a SEC-Registered Investment Advisor.


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