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Our Business Lines


Commercial Overview
$23.6+ Billion
New originations supported in 2022
$408+ Billion
UPB managed across the US & Europe (as of December 2022)
$2 Trillion
CRE assets evaluated across the US and Europe in 2022
Rated securitizations supported in 2022


Residential Overview
Third-party review firm
Share of the warehouse lending market
Loan compliance audits completed
MSR volume valued monthly
Our Latest ValTrends Report

Pockets of Opportunity

While most investors are still sitting tight amid capital markets uncertainty, commercial real estate sector preferences are beginning to shift. Download our free, 28-page ValTrends Report for exclusive investor surveys and analysis of valuation trends and space market fundamentals here.
distressed debt
SitusAMC Analysis

Opportunistic and Distressed Debt Acquisitions: 5 Ways Alternative Lenders Can Reduce Risk and Maximize Returns

Here are five strategies to help mitigate risk and make the most of these opportunities.
distressed debt
Catching up with Anne
Inside SitusAMC

Catching Up with Anne Jablonski

Anne Jablonski, Executive Managing Director, Head of Commercial Real Estate, talks about how she got into long-distance running and racing, and how the effort, endurance and problem-solving intrinsic to the sport translates into her role serving CRE clients.
Catching up with Anne
Up at Night
Up At Night

Warehouse Data Security & Privacy

Financial service providers are required to meet high standards and adhere to strict regulations when it comes to the systems they use and data they hold. Users of SitusAMC’s cloud-hosted and SaaS-enabled warehouse lending system ProMerit have peace of mind. Watch our latest Up at Night to learn more.
Up at Night

Company News

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SitusAMC Releases White Paper Shedding Light on the Deeply Hidden Risk in Commercial Real Estate Portfolios

New York, NY (June 7,  2024) - SitusAMC, the leading provider of investment advisory, strategic outsourcing, talent, and technology solutions to the commercial and residential real estate finance industries, has released a white paper titled, “What Looms Beneath the Surface: How Forensic Diligence Builds on CRE Asset Management to Uncover & Mitigate Deeply Hidden Risk.” The white paper leverages SitusAMC’s deep experience in forensic diligence to explore hidden risk factors in commercial real estate (CRE) loans and portfolios and the best way

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