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In Conversation: How AIG Transformed Its CRE Finance Technology (Ep. 2 of 3)

How can technology help commercial real estate lenders improve data collection and processing, enhance efficiency and risk management, and offer better transparency? AIG’s Global Head of Commercial Real Estate Finance Tom Fewings talks about his journey to evaluate and evolve the firm’s CRE finance technology in part two of a three-part series on our “In Conversation” podcast. The podcast is hosted by Steve Powel, SitusAMC executive chairman and founder, and Brett Williams, SitusAMC Head of Commercial Real Estate Technology, and creator of CLOSER loan management system.

In Episode 2, they discuss implementation, benefits, lessons and next steps:

  • Once AIG made the decision to buy rather than build, what was more important: finding a system that would support its process, or evolving its process to fit the system?
  • How did AIG approach process mapping and systems integration? How did it think about data standardization and aggregation? What about the human resources aspect of the project?
  • How did leadership articulate its technology vision and achieve buy-in across the organization?  
  • What role did regular planning sessions and early wins play in the success of the implementation?
  • What were the early benefits in terms of improved data, processes, risk management, efficiency, and transparency? How did the technology system enhance the day-to-day work of asset managers?