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In Conversation: AIG’s Journey to Transform Its CRE Finance Tech (Ep. 1 of 3)

Consistent data capture. Better risk modeling. A faster response to market trends. These were just a few goals that Tom Fewings, Global Head of Commercial Real Estate Finance at AIG, prioritized in the journey to evolve the firm's CRE technology. He describes his journey to evaluate and evolve AIG’s technology in a three-part series on our “In Conversation” podcast.

The episode is hosted by Steve Powel, SitusAMC executive chairman and founder, and Brett Williams, SitusAMC Head of Commercial Real Estate Technology, and creator of CLOSER loan management system. In Episode 1, they discuss planning the technology roadmap and choosing a system:

  • What were AIG’s baseline goals and objectives as it began its technology and data-capture journey? 
  • How did AIG’s decision evolve on whether to build or buy technology? 
  • Once AIG made that decision, what were the most important factors in choosing a technology provider? What does a successful partnership look like?