Talent Solutions

Talent Solutions


SitusAMC helps clients scale their real estate businesses through bespoke talent solutions, including the staffing and management of client teams as well as the building of dedicated client platforms. Our team of experts are made up of talented professionals who leverage their deep connectivity to the industry to find, source and manage the talent our clients need to run their businesses more effectively and efficiently.

Our Talent Offering

Talent Solutions Staffing Management

Staffing Management

We find and manage talent on behalf of our clients, seamlessly integrating individuals within the client’s operations regulatory environment while managing all relevant credentials.

Talent Solutions Platforms


Whether identifying new talent or ‘lifting and shifting’ existing talent, we partner with our clients to build and fully manage dedicated teams so they operate as seamless extensions of the client’s operations. No matter the structure, we provide junior level to senior executive teams nationwide.

Why Explore Our Platforms


We handle all aspects of the talent process so our clients can focus on running their businesses. Our best-in-class recruiting infrastructure helps identify and secure the best talent available, while helping right size teams based on needs even during a direct hiring freeze . Once onboarded, our professionals provide ongoing management including compensation, performance, payroll, and benefits.

Provides Flexible Delivery Models

SitusAMC provides both point and platform solutions, supporting a wide spectrum of needs ranging from tactical to strategic. We can leverage multiple talent modes enabling clients to scale up or down based on business needs while allowing for complete control over the work product.

Improves Governance

Our engagements are driven by multiyear Master Services Agreements, with appropriate service level requirements and corporate governance.

Drives Cost Efficiencies

We help reduce costs by recategorizing talent from a staffing expense to an operating expense resulting in various accounting efficiencies. Additionally, for teams sitting outside of our client’s offices, we have the ability to leverage lower costs environments to reduce overall cost.