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Up at Night: Regulatory Exams

Lenders are often telling us that regulatory exams keep their team members up at night. Recently, one of our clients was panicking because they were undergoing a regulatory audit and needed to submit loan data for a large segment of 2021 loans within a very short amount of time. 

The good news for that client and other ComplianceEase clients is they can use our RegulatorDirect portal.

RegulatorDirect allows the lender to send loan audit reports and loan data to the regulator electronically. This streamlines the examination process for both our clients and the regulators. No more searching for and scanning large amounts of paper files in a panic.

ComplianceEase’s clients sleep better at night because the loan data being sent to the regulator has already been reviewed for compliance with federal and state laws using ComplianceEase, SitusAMC’s automated compliance system.  

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