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SitusAMC Power Pro: Noah Marsh

Name: Noah Marsh 
Location: Remote 
Title: Collateral Review Analyst II 

Day-to-day: I work on the residential legacy side, which falls within the collateral and asset management (CAM) area, and my specific department is QA Audit. We run internal audits, from correcting system-wide coding errors to providing portfolio reporting and tracking collateral shipments. From the operational perspective, we do everything in the middle for our client groups, such as handling all the quality control work to ensuring that once a trade settles, everything is set up correctly in the system. We also run audits in the system to see if the tasks are coded correctly and make corrections. We handle reviewing, billing files and work with the accounting team to review everything before invoices go out. 

Highlights: The most exciting thing about my job is that every day offers something different. We have our normal workflow, of course, but every day we still will find some new request that is out of our realm or scope. So figuring out those inquiries and resolving them requires rising to a new challenge. So my job is a place to grow and educate myself about the industry and my own analytical abilities.  

Path to SitusAMC: I previously worked for a firm that was acquired by SitusAMC. I was handling POA’s. Originally, I moved from Pennsylvania to Florida looking for a new opportunity. I’ve worked for several different departments in our divisions, and it has all been fruitful.  

Essential traits for the job: You need the ability to adapt quickly to multifaceted and changing circumstances. You also need to be detail-oriented and analytical, and recognize trends and efficiencies. A big part of doing an audit is creating the audits themselves and making sure we can prevent the errors from happening in the first place. You also benefit from being able to clearly articulate what you are working on and your end goal for it.     

Home base: Currently I split my time between Tampa and Fort Lauderdale. And I love it! The weather and being able to go to the beach are two of my favorite aspects of living in Florida. I love being able to be outside all year round.   

What the younger you would say about where you are now: Certainly, I would be surprised! I would be impressed by the body of work I’ve been able to accumulate over the years. My whole career path has been exciting, and I’ve learned a lot. As a young kid I just wanted to be an athlete because I loved being outdoors. So my career is a more traditional office-type job than what I had envisioned as a kid. On the other hand, I was always interested in business; I wanted to be one of the guys wearing the suits. It’s surprising to me how I’ve gotten here, but I realize that the traits I had when I was younger transferred well to my career. I was always competitive and adaptable, and my sports background taught me how to think on my feet, solve problems and be collaborative.   

Downtime: I like to go to the beach a lot. I’m on a kickball team, and we try to play once a week on the weekends. I like to play flag football on Sundays. I love traveling. If I have time in the schedule to travel to different states or overseas, I always try to go.  

Dream destination: I’ve always wanted to go to Lake Como or Rome in Italy, so that will hopefully be my next trip. Recently I had the opportunity to travel to Portugal and that was great. We stayed in Lisbon for a couple days, then we travelled south to beach towns in the Algarve. And I’ve also travelled to Madrid. I travel with my two sisters, so we are currently trying to plan something for next year. One of my sisters travels for work a lot, so she will try to stay after a work conference and meet up with my younger sister and me. Our trip to Portugal was my younger sister’s first time out of the country and she had just turned 21 years old. Hopefully we are making a tradition.