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SitusAMC Power Pro: Christine Zahran 

Name: Christine Zahran  
Title: Assistant Vice President of Quality Management, Legacy Servicing Department 
Office: Remote  

Day-to-day: I am currently an AVP of Quality Management. In this role, I review quality scores and identify trends to provide feedback and process updates. I also provide training classes, create manuals, provide guidance during reviews, create policy and procedures, and assist with updates to the system. I review the needs of the department and determine if there are areas of opportunity to automate and provide system enhancements. I have greatly assisted with the Shared Services Team and their integration into the Legacy Servicing department.  

Delivering value for the clients: I consider my clients to be our analysts and senior analysts, and I provide value for them by understanding their needs and concerns as related to the complex work that they complete. I advocate for efficiency and transparency for my clients. 

Job inspiration: It excites me the most when I’m working on projects that provide successes and accomplishments to everyone on the team. I wear so many different hats in my job, from project management and data analysis to report creation and KPI metrics and tracking. I can’t help but be really engaged intellectually.  

Job requirements: It’s important for a person in my role to be personable and understanding. It can be a challenge to inform team members of their errors in a way that is constructive and provides encouragement and support. It is also important to be detail-oriented and skilled in data analysis to determine areas of improvement and opportunity. 

Greatest strength: I would consider my greatest strength to be my analytical abilities. I have excelled in problem solving and adaptability by creating data points and analyzing the data to ensure my efforts are focused on areas with the greatest impact. I enjoy reviewing data taking the initiative and making decisions to resolve any issues, and ensure that any changes are beneficial to all stakeholders. 

Best advice: No one can make you happy except yourself. It may sound simple, but it’s easy to be set up by external expectations about what should make you happy. You just need to cultivate a smile. I’m a positive person and my job involves a lot of negativity, and maybe that’s why I can do it well – I turn the negatives into positives!  

Hometown: I grew up in New York City and I loved it. New York City is still my favorite place in the world. When you grow up there you don’t realize how different it is from other places and how much more you have at your fingertips. The diversity and ample culture of the city gave me an opportunity to immerse myself in different perspectives, art, music, literature and cuisine. It also gave me a uniquely strong work ethic and competitive drive to succeed.  

What your younger self would think: I don’t think that my younger self would be surprised with where I am today. I have always been very ambitious and hardworking. Crazily, I learned to read and write before the age of three! My younger self would be proud to know I’ve excelled at my career and personal aspirations.  

Personal motto: Seek knowledge. I believe being knowledgeable in a variety of capacities can guide you in life. I also believe we can gain knowledge by listening, questioning and research. With so much information readily available at our fingertips I think it’s important to utilize these tools to ensure success. Listening to others can always provide different insights based on their experiences, which to me is invaluable.  

Downtime: I volunteer with underprivileged kids. I think it is very important to give back to the community. So many people would like to make great strides in life but don’t have all the pieces of the puzzle. I teach and assist kids with getting their first jobs and their pursuit of higher education. Depending on their backgrounds and personal lives, they sometimes don’t have friends or family who can guide them and answer questions about applying or interviewing for their first job or college. I think the more that we can assist younger generations, the brighter and more successful the future will be.