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SitusAMC Power Pro: Chris McArdle

Chris McArdle, VP, Strategic Engagements


What do you do at SitusAMC? 

I'm head of strategic engagements for Closer, our CRE loan lifecycle SaaS platform that serves our Balance Sheet, GSE, and CMBS/CLO lending clients. Hate to be cliché, but we really do wear a lot of hats in this role and pride ourselves on having vertically integrated skillsets. They range from walking the CMBS trading floor to get business requirements first hand from front office managers, to sitting in a development/product design session and everything in between. We have to be proficient in both of those very different worlds. These vertical skillsets allow us to maintain what has been a tradition of our group – punching what seems to be well above our weight class.


What do you like about your role?

It’s never monotonous or mundane. On any given day, the job could be completely different not only in terms of task but also the world in which we are operating (client side vs. internal development/product side). I also have the opportunity to help with some internal business development/strategy, analytics reporting, and other “side projects” like quasi-ownership of certain product features. 


How did you end up at SitusAMC?  

I was referred to the firm by a friend who happened to work in the same building on Wall Street. This friend knew I wasn’t happy working in my previous role on the trading floor of an investment bank in New York City. He insisted this was a great company with some solid upside and most important of all – comprised of good people. After a few rounds of nagging from my buddy, I finally decided to reach out to meet the team, admittedly having limited understanding of what they did, or if I was at all serious about pursuing it. Upon meeting the team – five-strong crammed into a 300-square-foot office -- I was sold, and frankly, I didn’t care too much about the industry or even the product – it was the people.


How would you describe the culture?

It was obvious they were genuinely good people with the right balance of drive, competency, but heaping doses of humility. It felt very much like a small group of friends who just happened to meet up five times a week to work on some challenging projects for some big-name clients. I wanted in on that culture ASAP.


What do you like to do outside of work?

As a washed up athlete, I play on two beer-league hockey teams, I surf when the waves justify the trek out of the city, and try to get in as much golf as I can. Otherwise, I live a pretty typical life in the city as a twenty something.


What’s the best advice anyone has ever given you?  

Build your own path. Don't join a prescribed path just because everyone says that’s the way to do it. I went off the path relative to my peers at the investment bank and that's how I found SitusAMC. It was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Create your path for yourself and go with your gut.


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