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Up at Night: Reimagining Operations In A Downturn

In this challenging market, originators around the country are using the downturn to reimagine their operations, to maximize efficiencies now and to position for success when volume picks up again.

One question they are asking themselves is “Do we have the best processes in place now and can we respond quickly when the tide turns?” and “Do we have trusted partners?”

Managing a workforce is challenging.  Hiring, onboarding and training will take time and expense. Outsourcing front end operations allows originators to more cost effectively handle current volumes and more quickly and efficiently handle volume increases.

SitusAMC has the expertise and resources to provide clients with all levels of fulfillment support from loan setup to Licensed Underwriting, Underwriting Support, Condition Clearing, Doc Prep, CTC Package Creation and Review.

Our flexible cost structure allows you to match volume fluctuations and we utilize a global workforce to support your front-end processes on a 24-hour workday – resulting in long-term cost savings.

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