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Up at Night: Due Diligence & Loan Quality on MSR Purchases

Clients have expressed concerns about due diligence and loan quality when purchasing mortgage servicing rights (MSRs), causing them sleepless nights. They want to understand the risks associated with a loan pool while minimizing investment and maintaining trade economics.

SitusAMC offers Acuity, a platform for document classification and data extraction, to provide insight into tape quality and document presence and quality during MSR due diligence. Acuity conducts an inventory of loan documentation from seller loan files, extracts data, and compares it with the seller tape data. Acuity is not limited to MSR purchases; it is also useful for sellers, facilitating timely trades and access to hold back cash through proactive use of SitusAMC tools. SitusAMC's technology works tirelessly to provide insights, empower opportunities, and give clients peace of mind.