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SitusAMC Power Pro: Roger Bustillos

Name: Roger Bustillos

Title: Specialist II

Office: Remote

Day to Day: I work with legacy compliance loans, doing underwriting and data check for the seasoned compliance. I also do loan modifications as well as underwriting. Every day is something different! If I’m underwriting, I’m completing residential real estate compliance-only reviews in Clarity. Data check is the quality-control process of a loan review; it ensures the review is ready for client reporting. When I’m doing data check, I’m basically looking at the underwriters’ work to ensure they complete the loan accordingly.

Inspiration: Ever since I can remember I’ve wanted to give the maximum effort to whatever I was doing, whether it was a job, or a sporting event or a career. Whatever it is, I try to be number one and give it my all.

What It Takes: You need accountability, self-motivation and a strong work ethic to succeed at this job. Working remotely, you really must be focused and disciplined to do your job effectively.

Career Path: I previously lived in Denver working at a company called PMH Financial. I was a senior asset manager, which meant a lot of real estate owned work. The firm was bought out by Stewart Lender Services, and eventually our division was absorbed by American Mortgage Consultants, or AMC. And then AMC merged with Situs. So, it’s very interesting, I never actually left one company for another!

Homebase: I live in Torrance, California, close to the beach and Los Angeles. What I love most is the diverse culture, the warm weather and the fact that you can go to the beach one day and then ski the next.  

Greatest Strength: My persistence. If I can’t figure something out, I am going to pursue it until I can figure it out. I always want to learn and grow, so I’m persistent about doing those things.

Downtime: I enjoy the beach, and riding my bike along The Strand, which is the beach pathway. We like to try all the different taco restaurants all over L.A. I enjoy cooking. I also enjoy being a dad. I shuttle my kids to all their sporting events. My daughter does club soccer and my son is on the high school swim team.

Personal Motto: “Put yourself in their shoes.” I think everyone should show a little more compassion for others and be grateful for what you have in life, and every day that you have it. You’re not promised tomorrow, so enjoy today.