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SitusAMC Power Pro: Nichole Pearson

Name: Nichole Pearson

Title: Specialist in Quality Control

Office: Remote

Day-to-Day: I do quality control within the larger modifications team. We review any changes to the mortgage terms outside of the original closing. The pandemic is a good example of the need for our services to review modifications. Another example of a need for modification is a natural disaster, like a hurricane, or a financial hardship, like a spouse passing away or losing a job. Banks are much more proactive nowadays and reach out to their borrowers firsthand when something like this happens.  Witnessing that change has been a great aspect of my job.

Favorite Part of the Job: Knowing that the modifications we are reviewing were done to save people's homes. 

Daily Inspiration: Personal pride to do a good job and competitiveness against myself. I always feel like I can try to do better than I did the previous day. 

Biggest Influence: My parents. My mom is a very self-disciplined worker. She cared a lot about education. She would never let us miss school! She made sure I took advantage of every class and every extracurricular. My dad was in the military and then worked at Citibank on computers. They both instilled a tremendous work ethic in me. I deposit the credit of my success into their accounts. 

Home, Sweet Home: My home today is Apollo Beach, Florida. I love the weather and the fact that we live in my husband's family-built home. His grandparents built it in 1977, and it was one of the first houses in town. When we moved in I kept finding snake bite kits in the bathroom cupboards, because there were so few houses at that time that they had a snake problem! I love the fact that the house has stayed in the family for so long. Every stain on the wall has a story behind it. Retaining homeownership within a family helps to create generational wealth. This is another reason I love working in modifications, where we get to see how lenders worked with homeowners to keep them in their homes. 

Best Childhood Memory: My grandparents had a farm in North Carolina. They had pygmy goats, chickens and a pair of geese named Fred and Ethel. It was a working farm, with show goats who had papers and a special bloodline. No matter where the military took us or where we moved, the farm was always my favorite place to go home. If I stayed over, I would get up before the sun rose, and my grandmother would already have coffee ready. Some of my fondest memories are helping them feed the animals.

Wish I’d Learned: How to buy property. I feel like it should be a course taught in high school. It's the largest investment most people make in their lives. A house costs a lot of money, and you shouldn’t rely on just one person, like a realtor or broker, as a source of information about how to buy it. 

My Passion: I love to travel. I love to find quirky places to stay, like a treehouse at a hostel in Alaska or a boat Airbnb on the other coast of Florida. Traveling on a budget is a challenge I also love. The craziest place I ever stayed on a trip was an Airbnb on a goat farm in North Florida. We slept in a converted shipping container in the middle of the goat field. When the farmers woke up, they were surprised to find that I had already fed all the animals!

Dream Destination: Italy, because my family was stationed there when I was very young. We lived in a house in a village south of Rome with no electricity next to a vineyard. I have a few fuzzy memories I’d really love to see in real life. I'm also a foodie, so I want to go for all the amazing food!