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SitusAMC Power Pro: Michael DeVoe

Name: Michael DeVoe

Title: Senior Analyst

Office: St. Petersburg, Florida; remote.

Day to Day: I work as a senior analyst in legacy compliance which is a secondary quality control (QC) role. I make sure that the initial underwriter captured all the loan data correctly from the documents. I identify any issues that I find in my review, fix them and provide feedback to the original underwriter. While that is my primary role at the company, I’ve also had the opportunity to cross train on different scopes in my six years with SitusAMC. In fact, I’m currently assisting the modification team with their pipeline.

Delivering Value: First of all, I consider everyone I encounter to be a client, which means that every interaction is an opportunity to provide client service. Whether it’s an IT chat to resolve a systems issue, or production managers, team leads or monthly check-ins with my personnel manager, I try to be upbeat, and communicate politely and concisely. In the end every interaction ultimately affects SitusAMC’s ability to deliver on its promises to clients.

Out One Door, In the Other: It’s funny how I ended up at SitusAMC. My prior job went through a big downsizing. At my exit interview, my supervisor gave me a heads up that SitusAMC was hiring and connected me on LinkedIn to the recruiter. I applied, was tested and started working at SitusAMC a few weeks later.

What It Takes: Success in my job requires excellent management communication, analytical reasoning and the ability to ask probing questions. To successfully perform in this role, you want to have a leadership mentality combined with a child-like curiosity to always want to know why. If you are the one grading someone else’s work, you want to be doing it right.

No Place Like Home: I grew up in Haddon Township in southern New Jersey, and I liked it so much I still live close by, in a more rural section of the state, in a town called Mullica Hill. We get to experience all four seasons, which I like a lot, especially the colder seasons. And we’re a short drive to beaches and mountains, as well as big cities like Philadelphia and New York. And the town still has beautiful undeveloped farmland. Now that my children are getting older there are a lot of colleges around here which is great too. It’s a really nice place to call home.

Superpowers: My greatest strengths are my ability to identify issues, as well as quickly process and learn new information. I can adapt to new situations and solve problems. I’m also grateful for my ability to concentrate on details for extended periods of time.

Downtime: When I’m not working, I play guitar, both acoustic and electric. I also cook a lot of vegan meals because my wife and daughters are vegan. People tend to judge vegan food without realizing that we all already eat a lot of it. My favorite dinner recipe is broccoli pasta, which is like a chicken fettucine but without the chicken. My wife is a cancer survivor so that’s why she became a vegan, and my daughters are animal lovers. And I like cooking anyway.  I also enjoy DIY projects and being a devoted father to my three teenage daughters and our adopted three-legged dog-daughter Ginger-Pie! 

Wish I’d Known: My younger self probably wouldn’t have listened to advice, but I would still tell him seriously, enjoy the journey. Don’t waste so much time worrying about the stuff that is unlikely to happen. Also, when someone talks about the time value of money and compound interest – PAY ATTENTION. Invest early and consistently.