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SitusAMC Power Pro: Mairead O’Sullivan

Name: Mairead O’Sullivan

Title: Loan Advisory Professional 

Office: Dublin, Ireland, hybrid

“Dublin is a great city. It’s very energetic and has evolved a lot in the past 10 years. I live in a suburb just north of the city by the sea and normally cycle to the office. It’s a lovely way to start the day.”

Day-to-Day: Overseeing loan portfolios and nurturing client relationships; identifying future growth areas.

On Starting Mid-COVID: “I joined SitusAMC in August 2020. At that point in Ireland, we were allowed to go into the office, which was a great way to meet the team, but I wasn’t able to meet my own manager in person until two months ago. The world has changed – communication has changed so much. Thanks to all the video calls, the European teams are able to be even more integrated than before.”

Most Exciting Part of the Job: The diversity of the role. On any given day, the job could involve handling a site visit, reviewing the SitusAMC Ireland business plan or working with European colleagues.

Required Traits: Determination, open mindedness, an optimistic attitude and the ability to build relationships.

“For managing client relationships and staff, the needs and requirements are constantly evolving in accordance with the business needs. I always have an interest in nurturing and building relationships. SitusAMC has an optimistic outlook as a company, which comes from the top down and feeds into the overall vibe and culture. It’s important to match that tone on the managing level.”

Lessons Learned: It’s better to start a task or speak up and ask a question than to procrastinate and wait for instructions.

“I’ve found that women in particular don’t speak up if they’re not 100% sure about an assignment, which ultimately holds us back. Through my experiences I’ve learned to just jump in and get started. And when mistakes happen, it’s a matter of identifying and correcting the issue, taking ownership of it, and viewing it as an opportunity to rethink, relearn and move forward.”

First Job: “At around five or six years old, I started ‘working’ for my dad in his shop. I loved it – the people, the chatter, the noise, just the atmosphere of it all. I’m sure my sister and I caused chaos in the shop and got no work done, but I loved watching my dad work.

My first graduate job was with a small, private real estate investment company that was a family run business. It was really interesting work and I enjoyed it, but it did make me realize that working in a larger environment with lots of different departments generally provided more opportunities for growth. I started at that firm in 2007, when the property market was incredible just before it turned. It all changed so suddenly and dramatically but was a fascinating time to start a career in real estate.”

A Cool Hobby: Sea swimming.

“With two small kids I don’t have a lot of spare time, but during the height of COVID lockdowns I got into sea swimming. At one point, we were living within a two-kilometer restriction and the sea is essentially at our doorstep, so it became a really big thing here. I swam in the sea all last winter and I’m hoping to keep it going this winter. I love it. I’m in for 10 minutes and it feels incredible.”


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