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How to Attract Top Real Estate Finance Talent in 2022: SitusAMC Briefing

What does it take to recruit top real estate finance professionals in the most competitive labor market in recent history? SitusAMC’s Talent Solutions division has produced a new report, “Talent Trends: What It Takes to Recruit & Retain Top Real Estate Professionals in 2022,” looking at what top real estate finance candidates value most in prospective employers, based on hundreds of interviews. 

The report leverages SitusAMC’s real estate talent and market expertise to provide high-level insights into the state of real estate hiring, including salary trends, key issues driving resignations, items topping the list of candidate demands and the most effective recruiting strategies.

“Millions of workers are rethinking how they want to live their lives after the pandemic, and they are not willing to settle for less,” said Holly Mickens, Managing Director of Talent Solutions at SitusAMC and co-author of the report.

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