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SitusAMC Releases "On the Hill" Podcast Episode 23, Featuring Ed Delgado of Mortgage Policy Advisors and Blake Hastings of SWBC

August 2023

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New York, NY – SitusAMC is pleased to announce the release of the latest episode of "On The Hill," a podcast series hosted by Tim Rood, Head of Government and Industry Relations at SitusAMC. Rood speaks with Ed Delgado, managing director of Mortgage Policy Advisors, and Chairman Emeritus of Five Star Global, parent company of the Five Star Institute, the industry trade group; and Blake Hastings, SVP of corporate strategy and chief economist for SWBC, a financial services firm based in San Antonio, TX. The two recently authored a research report, Mastering the Mortgage Maze in 2023: Market Outlook and Risk Management for Lenders, which explores opportunities and challenges for the housing and mortgage markets from an economic perspective. They discuss the prospects for a recession, the effect of rising interest rates, demand and supply trends, increasing regulatory activity and more.  

Strong employment continues to buttress the housing market, although labor demand is beginning to cool, helping temper inflation, Hastings said. "Employers are having a rough time finding and keeping workers," he said. "Even though I believe we are headed for recession, it will be mild. Employers are going to be loath to let people go." Rood and the guests also discuss:  

  • which states will likely bear the brunt of recession and which will likely sidestep a downturn, and why;  

  • how rising interest rates, which have sent both buyers and sellers into retreat, could create challenges for servicers in the event of default;  

  • highlights from Delgado's experience hosting discussions over the years with various global leaders, including two U.S. presidents;  

  • renewed regulatory pressure on lenders, and how the government's procyclical role in the housing market could exacerbate an economic downturn; and 

  • how the prospect of recession calls for better risk management for servicers, who may have been lulled into a state of complacency as foreclosures hover at or near record lows.  

"Conditions right now are favorable, companies are managing through this period, and everybody came out relatively unscathed from the pandemic," Delgado said. "So investing in technology and human capital, and making sure that you're prepared seems to have taken a bit of a back seat for many."  
Listen to the podcast here.  

"On the Hill" is SitusAMC's bi-monthly podcast series featuring policymakers, economists and other experts discussing hot topics and agendas coming out of Washington, D.C., and their implications for housing and housing finance. Previous guests have included former FDIC Chair Sheila Bair; former FHFA Director Mark Calabria; Kristy Fercho, Head of Wells Fargo Home Lending and MBA Chair; former CFPB Director Kathleen Kraninger; Craig Phillips, former Counselor to the U.S. Treasury Secretary; and Economist Mark Zandi, among others.    

Listen to the latest episode here.  

Part of SitusAMC's thought leadership platform, this podcast underscores the firm’s commitment to powering the lifecycle of real estate finance. The analysis and insights provided in this podcast are invaluable to those seeking to stay informed and competitive in today's fast-paced business environment.    


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