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SitusAMC Launches Guide for Mortgage Firms Navigating Washington, D.C.

November 2021

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NEW YORK – Nov. 15, 2021 – SitusAMC, the leading provider of innovative, trusted solutions supporting the entire lifecycle of real estate finance, has published a first-of-its-kind Field Guide for mortgage industry participants looking to understand and navigate the federal landscape.

The Field Guide to the Federal Government for Housing & Housing Finance provides an in-depth, professional perspective on the key influencers in Washington, D.C. and their impact on the single-family and multifamily real estate industries. It provides insight on how Housing Finance in D.C. works and gives an overview of the process to best navigate it.

SitusAMC Head of Government and Industry Relations Tim Rood, who advises mortgage firms on how best to mitigate and manage the risks related to federal government impacted initiatives, said the new presidential administration is making real estate finance players reorient their businesses in fundamental ways. Because navigating Washington is anything but intuitive, the Field Guide helps industry participants understand D.C. and establish a long-term strategic plan to navigate the landscape effectively.

Washington is complex, interconnected, and has immense influence on real estate. The Field Guide describes the Capitol as “an avian ecosystem where ‘birds of a feather flock together.’ Federal agencies, congressional committees, advocacy organizations, media outlets and a wide variety of other influencers each play a unique role in affecting policy, and together hold massive sway over the industry.”

Industry participants, including lenders, investors, and other stakeholders, can use the Field Guide to best position their businesses for success.

SitusAMC has an established history providing consulting and advisory services to the most respected organizations in real estate as they seek to navigate D.C. and capitalize on opportunities in their businesses. The firm’s consulting and services are complimented by a broad suite of solutions supporting the entire lifecycle of real estate finance activity including originations, secondary market activity, and loan servicing and asset management, among others.

To access the Field Guide to the Federal Government for Housing & Housing Finance, click here.  

About SitusAMC

SitusAMC is the leading independent provider of technology, strategic outsourcing, talent and advisory solutions to the commercial and residential real estate finance industries. The company helps clients identify and capture opportunities in their real estate businesses through industry-leading services and innovative technologies that drive operational efficiency, increase business effectiveness, and improve market agility across the entire lifecycle of their global real estate activity. For more information, visit

SitusAMC is not a law firm and does not render legal advice to its clients. SitusAMC does not engage in lobbying contacts on behalf of its clients. Each client should consult an attorney regarding legal obligations including possible registration under the Lobbying Disclosure Act.

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