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Residential Real Estate Solutions

Newly Originated Underwriting Services

Largest size and scale provider of rating-agency approved residential loan-level diligence services.

SitusAMC is the market leader in new origination PLS reviews including QM, Non-QM and ATR-Exempt, with more private-label securitization experience than any other firm. We support fulfilment and diligence needs including pre- and post-sale activities. Our significant client base and market standard reporting facilitates more efficient transactions (reliance letters).

Our team of diligence experts are supported by market-leading proprietary technology for loan underwriting, compliance, document classification, and workflow management. We have robust reporting capabilities with the ability to report data via APIs to client systems. Our offering is backed by our global workforce and can be embedded within a client's operations or completely segregated for independence.

Newly originated loan files reviewed in 2023
Global professionals allocated to newly originated loan due diligence & quality control
Newly originated loan files reviewed for securitization since 2020
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