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Q: How is CLOSER™ installed and deployed across your client’s organization?

A: CLOSER is a hosted, web based solution for wide accessibility and ease of deployment.

Q: Can access to CLOSER be restricted to my firm’s physical locations only?

A: Yes. Some CJC clients elect to leverage IP filters to restrict access to specific physical locations.

Q: Is our data safe?

A: YES. State of the art application and data hosting is provided by regulated bank data processor with 40 years experience in financial services industry. The CLOSER application and all customer data is hosted by Computer Services, Inc. CSI serves over 3,000 financial institutions across the nation including community banks, regional banks, and multi-bank holding companies, each with a unique set of information, technology, and service requirements. In addition to core process, CSI’s integrated banking solutions includes imaging, cash management, Internet banking, corporate intranets, secure web hosting, e-messaging, online shopping, teller and platform services, ATM and debit card service and support, risk assessment, network management, and compliance software / services for regulatory compliance, homeland security and fraud prevention. CSI maintains both Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plans. A copy of the CSI SAS-70 and supporting documents are included with this response. CSI has redundant data centers running identical hardware with separate OC3 Internet connections. The global site selectors fail over the sites to the alternate data center if a site is unavailable. CSI tests BC and DR protocols and security on a routine basis.

Q: Does CLOSER provide clients with workflow management tools?

A: Yes. CLOSER contains intuitive navigation and workflow management tools including user and role based security, email alert management, shared calendar functionality, and system messaging. CJC is frequently affirmed by customers / prospective customers who indicate that CLOSER’s workflow management tools are the most intuitive and most useful available in the marketplace today.

Q: Does CLOSER support document storage?

A: CJC provides customers with robust, time-tested due diligence checklist management functionality including document storage capability. Additional data including status, request / receipt dating, acceptability of document, and commentary are provided within CLOSER.

Q: Can CLOSER support complex transactions?

A: Yes. CLOSER’s ability to support complex transaction structures (including Agency supplemental loans) and track the entire borrower structure is time tested. Multiple loans secured by multiple properties is completely supportable within the system.

Q: How does CLOSER support the efficient maintenance and tracking of borrower / sponsor related data?

A: CLOSER provides for entry and analysis of the entire borrowing structure, including sponsors. Additionally, this information is retained in a distinct data store that allows for the retention of origination information, as well as leveraging up-to-date financial and real estate holding data for new business with repeat customers. Rather than utilizing time consuming web entry screens for sponsor schedule of real estate holdings, CLOSER provides users the option of utilizing local Excel® and uploading that data as well.

Q: My firm requires several different formats for borrower / sponsor financial reporting. Can CLOSER support multiple formats?

A: Yes. CLOSER allows client modification of sponsor financial statement entry forms to provide as much or as little detail as desired.

Q: Does CLOSER support multiple product / property types?

A: Yes. Like many third party systems, CLOSER supports all of the major income producing property types and product types. CJC also boasts the most diverse client base in the industry which provides clients the benefit of continued innovation as it relates to new product types and requirements.

Q: Does CLOSER support Excel® based property cash flow underwriting templates?

A: Yes. One core strength of the CLOSER system is Microsoft Excel® based cash flow UW models that provide clients the ability to include deal / product specific analysis, update calculations, add specific worksheets, etc.

Q: Does CLOSER facilitate centralized management of specific rate indices across the portfolio?

A: Yes. CLOSER provides client administrators the ability to set rates at any frequency and update the entire pipeline of transactions that have not yet been rate locked. This functionality includes the ability to bypass this feature on specific loans as needed.

Q: Does CLOSER provide my firm with the ability to conduct basic portfolio property research (e.g. – geographic concentration, expense comp analysis, etc.)?

A: Yes. CJC has developed useful reporting tools that allow clients to leverage existing portfolio information, including comparable information from appraisal data stored within the system. This includes a mapping functionality through Google Earth™ integration.

Q: Does CLOSER support specific Fannie Mae submission requirements such as Erents, C&D, Form 4662 and on-going property financial submissions (“CSV”)?

A: Yes. CJC has very active DUS lending clients who utilize the system to support these efforts. This requires CJC to keep CLOSER up-to-date relative to required Fannie Mae forms and data submission formats.

Q: Does CLOSER interact with specific servicing systems in order to facilitate servicing data updates and integration?

A: Yes. CLOSER currently interacts with six (6) different servicing systems. The XML web services have a proven track record. CJC is actively working to create the Enterprise XML output as well as an automated feed to and from Enterprise. Other systems may provide this functionality as well, but it is not clear how much it is utilized.

Q: Does CLOSER support covenant and benchmark tracking post-closing?

A: Yes. CJC supports customers who actively track and manage all CRE loan covenants through the CLOSER system post-closing. Functionality includes the ability to track covenants and deliverables, retain specific electronic documents in the system, the creation and retention of multiple review periods and the results of same, and user “ticklers” for upcoming reviews / events.

Q: Does CLOSER support Credit Memorandum / Asset Summary creation in a variety of electronic formats, including ability to include pictures / charts / graphs in narrative sections?

A: Yes. CLOSER not only provides for the creation of credit memorandums / asset summaries in Microsoft Word® and PDF formats, but CLOSER provides unique ability to format narrative sections and include graphics within said narratives.

Q: Does CLOSER contain ad-hoc reporting / custom report generation tools?

A: Closer has an Ad-hoc reports interface that allows users to build queries commonly used for their reporting and data aggregation.

Q: Does CLOSER provide clients with requisite pool management tools, including up-to-date securitization data tape creation and support?

A: Yes. CLOSER provides clients access to pooling and reporting tools that remain updated and current due to active client usage. CLOSER also offers unique ad hoc data tape creation ability.

Q: Does CLOSER contain direct links to legal document creation tools?

A: Yes. CLOSER provides a direct, XML interface for creating records in a specific third party document generation service.

Q: Does CLOSER contain direct links to third party report providers?

A: CJC is actively working with Parcel to update existing functionality that provides users direct data feeds from Parcel to CLOSER for engineering / environmental information. Additionally, many clients elect to provide third party providers with direct access to CLOSER for document upload and data population purposes.

Q: Does CLOSER contain Electronic Approval Management capabilities?

A: Yes. CJC has integrated an Electronic Approval Management system called APPROVER™ which allows for policy driven approval chains to be administered, approval proxies, and retention of approval details for audit.

Q: Can I set up a new user within CLOSER or edit their current permissions?

A: As the administrator, you have the ability to create new users by navigating to Settings>Administration Home> Manage Users.