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SitusAMC Power Pro: Tiffany Woodruff

Tiffany Woodruff, Associate, Primary Servicing

Office: Leawood, Kansas; remote

Day-to-Day: Posting and QC transactions in SitusAMC’s loan servicing system; researching inquiries regarding posted transactions; leading group trainings.

Unique Career Path: From fast food to cosmetology to loan servicing

At age 16 I worked as a drive-through cashier at a Taco Bell/Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant. I quickly learned that I didn’t want to deal with people and their food! I have an interesting career path; my senior year of high school I took advantage of the opportunity to attend cosmetology school, so I would graduate with a career. I was a stylist for 10 years. Then I started working in customer service for a flood insurance company and moved up to being a senior underwriter there. Next, I moved onto my first loan servicing company. I was there for four years. Following that I joined SitusAMC. I’ve been in loan servicing for over five years now.

Most Exciting Part of the Job: Definitely the problem-solving and the training – I like digging into an issue to find the resolution so that I can move onto the next thing. With the training, it’s empowering my teammates so they feel confident and comfortable in their roles. It’s all really rewarding.

A Word of Advice: If you want to be successful, get comfortable being uncomfortable.

I’m always looking to take on new challenges. Even if they appear intimidating or I don’t think I have the right experience, I’m still going to put my best foot forward and learn. I live in the uncomfortable realm. This helps me to continue developing and helps our group too.

Focusing on the Good: Remaining optimistic and just generally being positive are my greatest strengths. The whole pandemic experience was life-changing for everyone. Appreciating what you have right in front of you is so important.

Lessons Learned: Give yourself grace. Be mindful of the bigger picture.

It Takes Guts: To coach a middle school co-ed basketball team.

My daughter was one of the players and my husband volunteered me. I’ve always loved basketball and I’m a great sidelines person, cheering everyone on. So this was different, coaching a team of middle-school kids, mostly boys, but it was fun! We lost the first game but won the next three. It was a great team effort.

Personal Motto: Never a loss, always a lesson.

In life there will always be challenges and different experiences. The key is to find the value in them. If you’re learning, you’re growing. The only way to keep growing is to be open to trying new things and improving yourself.


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