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SitusAMC Power Pro: Thomas Tisdale

Name: Thomas Tisdale

Title: Custodian Recon Professional

Office: St. Petersburg, Florida; remote.

Home Is: I’ve always lived in and around the Tampa Bay area. I'm open to moving someday, but for now, this is home. I love the water and weather here – and the sports teams. I’m a big Tampa Bay Buccaneers fan.

Day-to-Day: I reconcile loan assignments for SitusAMC’s clients, ensuring that documents are properly accounted for throughout the entire loan lifecycle.

Landing the Role: My journey here was pretty straightforward. I had a friend that worked at Meridian Asset Services, which was eventually acquired by SitusAMC. There was an open position on the reconciliation team. I applied, got the job and spent the next few years moving up the ranks.

Maintaining a Strong Team Dynamic: I currently supervise around 14 people. I’m pretty hands-on with my team. We do a group check-in each morning to get a sense of everyone’s goals for the day. I also try to make myself available for short one-to-one conversations when needed. There are a lot of moving parts in our work, so communication is important.

Best Part of the Job: The thrill of fixing a challenging problem. We sometimes run into issues that require quick solutions. It’s great to be able to collaborate with internal operations teams in real time to find resolutions that make our clients happy.

Favorite Ways to Unwind: I like to water ski and fish. I’m also really into paddleboarding. Outside of the water, I play a lot of pickleball. I also like going to concerts and comedy shows. St. Pete’s has a great nightlife scene. A lot has opened in the city in the past few years, so I’ve been enjoying that quite a bit.

A Fond Memory: Growing up, my parents set up annual ski trips for my sister and me. We'd go to places like Colorado, Wyoming and Montana. People are always surprised that a guy who’s spent his entire life in Florida can ski as well as I do. Looking back, I think those trips definitely helped me develop a strong appreciation for travel.

Dream Travel Destination: I’m getting married in December and we’ll be spending our honeymoon in Thailand. My fiancé and I are still planning everything, but we definitely want to visit Bangkok. From there, we’ll probably bounce around a bit and explore as much as we can.