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SitusAMC Power Pro: Jon Addison

Name: Jon Addison
Title: Senior Analyst
Office: Remote

Day-to-Day: I’m a senior analyst in the title department, so I review loans being bought and sold in the secondary market for any issues that might make that loan attractive or unattractive for purchase. Examples of issues might include a lien against the property, or judgments against the borrower or problems with investors. And I’ve seen some seriously big issues, like municipal liens against the property in the millions of dollars that go back decades. 

How I Got Here: I graduated from college in 2011, and I was eager to join the work force. I got a job called document retrieval specialist, which was basically just getting my foot in the door in the mortgage banking industry. I proceeded to learn as much as I possibly could in an industry that was completely new to me. I made a few lateral moves along the way which enhanced my skill set and made me a more well-rounded employee, so if one department was slow on work, I was qualified to work on another that might’ve been a bit busier. Eventually that became my position here at SitusAMC.

Core Value: Accountability. My name is on every loan that I review. Everyone can see that I am the guy that reviewed this document and signed off or flagged it. And I’m kind of thankful for that, because I like to have accountability in my job.

It's All In The Details: To succeed in this job you need a keen eye, and attention to detail. You need the ability to analyze all kinds of documents and records, because every state has different regulations. For example, Louisiana’s regulations are all based on French law. Every single day I see something I’ve never seen before. And a lot of mistakes are easy to miss! There could be a difference in a parcel ID number, like one digit wrong in a 20-digit parcel ID. You have to pay attention.

First Gig: When I was 15, I got a job as a dishwasher at a little neighborhood Italian pizza joint. I was the only dishwasher in the restaurant. It was run by a New Yorker who had a very “you’re on your own, better keep up” attitude. And I loved it! I felt like I was part of something bigger, and from then on, I’ve loved working.

Home Base: I live in Tampa, Florida, which has exploded in popularity in the last couple years.  There have been all kinds of restaurants and bars popping up all over town. I love food and going out, so I like that. We have a big craft beer scene that just started in the last few years. A lot of good breweries are making unique beer, like a cheesecake sour or white-chocolate-covered-strawberry-sour flavored beer. Also, the warm weather means year-round outdoor activities, which I appreciate.

What Would My Younger Self Think: My dream job as a kid was Formula One driver, which is obviously different than an analyst in the mortgage banking industry. But would I want to be a Formula One driver now? Definitely not! I’m happy where I am, and I love how much there is to learn in this field.   

Superhero Ability: I’m grateful for my ability to adapt because the industry is very fast-paced and always changing. I get put on special projects all the time, which I really like, because it expands my skillset and range of experience. But you need to be able to roll with the punches and stay light on your feet. I’ve done everything from appraisals to modifications to reverse mortgages, which is great, because I’ve always been able to adapt and learn quickly.

Downtime: I have a rescue dog named Olive. She loves to walk, so my mornings and evenings are spent walking her. I just got her doggie DNA done and she is 100 percent American pit bull, which surprised me because she looks like she has some other breeds in her. We live near a nice dog-friendly shopping district, and she likes to look in the windows until the staff comes out and gives her doggie biscuits. I also play soccer on the weekends in a co-ed pickup league.

Personal Motto: Anything worth doing is worth doing right!