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SitusAMC Power Pro: Ersun Uluc 

Name: Ersun Uluc 

Title: Specialist 1 

Office: Remote 


Day-to-Day: My title is Specialist 1 at Legacy Services. I audit mortgage loan files for our clients, including the file's various data points, like the address, the mortgage loan amount, or the date that they signed the document. I need to make sure all the details are correct: who was where and when. And I also need to ensure that those data points make sense. It’s important that things are in the correct chronological order. The deed should always be recorded before the mortgage. So, if a deed is recorded after, then technically it could pose legal issues with the title of ownership and so on. In our industry all the x’s are crossed and the i’s dotted correctly. It requires a fine eye for detail.  

Path to SitusAMC: I was a stay-at-home father for many years and raised my kids. After a seven-year absence from the workforce, I tried to reenter and encountered difficulty trying to explain that gap in my resume. And those were magical years; I cherished spending that time with my children. Then SitusAMC took a chance on me and for that I am forever grateful.   

Skills Required: First, you must have an eye for detail. You look at documents one after another for eight hours with no break. Second, you must be able to work independently with a lot of focus. It takes a certain professional stamina to do this. You don’t have a lot of meeting breaks. In fact, there are many days that I don’t interact with anyone. 

My Mentor: My supervisor at a previous company had a positive impact on me and really influenced my current career path. He told me that if I wanted to move up, I would need to leave the firm, and I was so loyal to that job I didn’t take his advice, which I probably should have. He played a huge role in my remaining in the industry. 

First Gig: At a certain point when I was a teenager in high school it was time for me to earn my own income, so I didn’t always have to ask my parents for money. I got a job at a boutique grocery market as a bag boy and a cashier. I will never forget that first job. The overall experience was great because I learned about money and responsibility. It was a coming-of-age moment.  

Where I Grew Up: I grew up in three places. Until I was six years old, I lived in Brooklyn and Manhattan, and then I moved with my family to Miami Beach/Surfside. But every other summer as a child my family would travel to Istanbul, Turkey, where I spent quality time with my grandparents, cousins, aunts and uncles. Those early connections I made have really come in handy because I maintained those ties.  During the pandemic I spent six months there and it was so easy because I spoke the language and knew so many of my relatives. So all that time spent as a young person had a purpose.  

Downtime: I’m part of a backgammon club and we play twice a month al fresco under the stars in South Beach. We play from 6 pm until 8:30 pm at night because we don’t want to play under the hot daytime sun. That dusk time of day is magical. We like to play outside, maybe at outdoor café tables or sometimes in beautiful gardens in an apartment complex. 

Dream Destination: I’m well-travelled. I’ve been to South America several times and travelled extensively throughout North America and Europe. I did my Master of Business Administration degree in London. But my dream destination is Sydney, Australia. It’s quite a trek but it’s my dream to get there.  

Most Courageous Thing I’ve Done: I was really burning the candle at both ends at one point in my life: I was newly married, working full time and going to graduate school on nights and weekends. After a couple semesters I researched other graduate degrees and realized I could finish the degree in one year if I enrolled in a program in London. Not only could I graduate sooner, I could also save money, as the program in London was cheaper than the one I was attending in Florida. So, my wife and I decided to leave our jobs, sell everything we owned and move to London to enroll in this graduate program. We hadn’t even been married for a year! It turned out to be the best decision. I got to experience living in a different culture, and it was a dream come true. It took some courage though! We traveled probably eight or nine times to the continent. I have very fond memories of that time we spent in London, and I would do it again in a heartbeat.