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SitusAMC Power Pro: Dante Rozzelle

Name: Dante Rozzelle

Title: Information Security & Risk Professional 

Office: Franklin, Tennessee; remote.

Day-to-Day: I investigate cyber incidents for SitusAMC’s Commercial Real Estate (CRE) systems. In my role, I handle incident response and reporting. I also assist departments with the review and onboarding of new technologies. I work closely with internal teams to understand the results of routine vulnerability scans and find viable ways to remediate findings. It’s also my responsibility to manage relationships with vendors to ensure that security product implementations are done effectively, and that the tools we use are tuned to suit our IT environment.

Breaking Into the Industry: I thought about becoming a computer engineer when I started college, but changed my mind early on and bounced around from major to major. I eventually found my way back to computer science, but switched to cybersecurity after meeting a colleague who was in the field. I’d always imagined cybersecurity to be very heads down, solo work, but learned that it’s actually very collaborative. That appealed to me.

Getting a job in the field right out of college was tough, but I landed a role as a quality assurance contractor for CJC Worldwide Technologies, which was eventually acquired by SitusAMC. Once I was brought on full time, I was moved over to information security. The team was small, so there were a wide variety of things to do. I spent a lot of time learning from more experienced colleagues and eventually took on more responsibility.

Favorite Part of the Job: I love working with my team. My favorite part of the day is when I get to log into our Microsoft Teams channel to problem-solve with colleagues. I enjoy learning from them. If I don’t know the answer to a question, someone on the team will and vice versa.

Making an Impact: My team plays an important role in ensuring the security of SitusAMC and our clients. That inspires me to show up and do my best every day.

Greatest Strength: I’m curious by nature and I tend to ask a lot of questions. I also go out of my way to search for tangents and parallels, especially in my work. I find that this really helps me paint a better picture of any issues I’m working through.

A Fun Hobby: I live in Franklin, Tennessee. It’s a fairly small town about 30 minutes south of Nashville. I have a pretty close knit group of friends here. I like to invite them over to my place for bonfires and pool parties. We also play recreational sports like "soccer tennis" and racquetball, which we’ve played together since middle school.

Best Way to Unwind: I write and produce music in my free time. I use a music production software environment that I learned about in middle school. A friend invited me over one day and we just sort of played around with it. I started in techno and dubstep, moved over to classical for a bit, then pop/punk – even a bit of rap. Over time, it’s become a great form of stress relief.