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SitusAMC Power Pro: Colin Giles

Name: Colin Giles

Title: Primary Servicing Professional 

Office: Canary Wharf, London, hybrid

Day-to-Day: Facility agent and primary servicer, working on behalf of lenders; servicer of commercial mortgage-backed securities (CMBS) transactions; manager of a team of two; sits on various committees.

Career Path: When SitusAMC acquired Deutsche Bank’s servicing platform in 2012, Colin joined the company as part of the acquisition.

“Since then, our Facility Agent and Servicer remit has increased from only performing roles around Deutsche Bank transactions to a wide variety of other lenders who utilize SitusAMC’s services. We have grown tremendously and continue to grow.”

Daily Challenge: The variety and breadth of the assignments.

If I’m not running waterfalls during the interest payments dates, I’m funding development deals, closing new deals with a variety of lenders or involved in restructuring old deals. The CMBS side of a transaction adds another dimension, as the information is typically market sensitive.”

Inspired By: Team spirit.

“Everyone is a pleasure to work with and there is a multitude of skill sets, from languages to financial and real estate expertise, so there is always an opportunity to teach and to learn. I don’t think it’s about one person having a specific trait, or even a blend of traits, but how we work together, and that’s what has made us successful.”

Best Advice: “Luck favors the prepared,” so be as prepared as you can.

Wishes He’d Known: “Exactly what I wanted to do when I was growing up. Sometimes we work aimlessly, until we fall into something or figure it out. It would have saved a lot of time and effort if I knew from the start exactly what I wanted to do. However, I’ll caveat that and say that sometimes the journey changes the outcome for the best, so it’s hard to say which way is better.”

Best Part About the Industry: “The real estate industry is unique in that you can physically touch the investment. SitusAMC is one of the best places to work for me as I get to use all of my real estate knowledge and experience.”

Greatest Strength: A healthy work ethic.

“My work ethic comes from my mother, who always stressed the importance of hard work and education. She was a nurse who started out in midwifery and finished her career as the head of a large rehabilitation unit. I remember in the middle of her career, she would come home from work tired, but would still find time to study for the exams she would need to progress to the next level or promotion. She was always striving to better herself educationally and professionally.”


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