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SitusAMC Launches Aware to Drive Connectivity and Strengthen Relationships Between Warehouse Borrowers, Lenders and Purchasers

October 2022

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NEW YORK – October 14, 2022 – SitusAMC, the leading provider of innovative, trusted solutions supporting the entire lifecycle of real estate finance, today announced the launch of Aware, an end-to-end warehouse management system-of-record that helps originators and purchasers operate warehouse financing and credit lines while helping them streamline operations and strengthen relationships. 

“Some clients manage warehouse lines in Excel, while others have spent years and a significant amount of capital to build internal platforms,” said Anthony Beshara, managing director and head of SitusAMC’s Warehouse Financing Solutions. “Generally, those methods have limited functionality and are error-prone which can lead to relationship issues and lost revenue.” 

“We created Aware to solve the challenges faced by mortgage originators, hedge funds, and money managers who use warehouse lines to finance their business,” said Rich Berg, senior director of warehouse and custodial technology at SitusAMC, who brought Aware to market and will be leading the technology. Berg continued, “Aware will not only add a systemic technological solution to standardize and bring consistency, but it will streamline communication and provide integration and automation.” 

Aware has two core areas of functionality. The warehouse management tools provide mid-to-large originators an integrated platform to manage, track, and fund their warehouse financing and credit lines. The warehouse allocation system provides the warehouse borrower a platform to automate, allocate and streamline its warehouse facilities. On the benefits of Aware, Beshara said, “This connected platform will ultimately help reduce cost to originate while removing limitations on production volume and will help originators better prepare for fluctuating markets.” Berg added, “We believe that Aware will help our clients better allocate their portfolios and improve their relationships with key counterparties.” 

SitusAMC’s Aware builds on the company’s position as a proven technology leader in the warehouse financing space. SitusAMC currently supports more than 70 percent of the warehouse market through its ProMeritTM and WLSTM warehouse lending technologies, including 16 of the largest ranked financial institutions in the U.S. Together, the systems currently support more than $2 trillion in warehouse funds.  

The company’s innovative technology is further bolstered by a global workforce with the scale to support clients of all sizes, as well as a team of warehouse experts with proven experience running and supporting warehouse businesses at some of the most respected organizations. 

To learn more about Aware by SitusAMC, visit or connect with Rich Berg at


About SitusAMC 

SitusAMC is the leading independent provider of technology, strategic outsourcing, talent and advisory solutions to the commercial and residential real estate finance industries. The company helps clients identify and capture opportunities in their real estate businesses through industry-leading services and innovative technologies that drive operational efficiency, increase business effectiveness, and improve market agility across the entire lifecycle of their global real estate activity. For more information, visit 

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