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SitusAMC and Alias Intelligence Announce Strategic Partnership to Expand Commercial Real Estate Due Diligence Offering

December 2023

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New York, NY (12/06/2023) – SitusAMC, the leading provider of innovative, trusted solutions supporting the complete lifecycle of real estate finance, has announced a strategic partnership with Alias Intelligence Inc. (“Alias”), a prominent technology-based background investigations and due diligence firm, to integrate their best-in-class credit and background search reporting into SitusAMC’s underwriting, diligence, and advisory services. This partnership further enhances SitusAMC’s industry-leading due diligence offering by providing direct access to reports, streamlining the diligence process for SitusAMC’s clients.

SitusAMC is the premier provider of commercial real estate (CRE) underwriting, diligence, and advisory services. The firm provides comprehensive support for all asset classes and types throughout the CRE lifecycle, and supported $23.6 billion in new loan originations in 2022, representing 747 transactions. Alias specializes in comprehensive background, credit, and asset searched, which enables their clients to thoroughly evaluate opportunities, relationships, and risks. This partnership with Alias enables SitusAMC to provide its clients with Alias’s best-in-class credit reports to support underwriting debt and equity transactions and provide asset management support through assumptions and loan modifications. This integration of Alias’s background credit and asset searches creates a more seamless experience for SitusAMC’s customers and streamlines the origination and transaction process. Moreover, Alias will play a crucial role in supporting international transactions undertaken by SitusAMC. 
“SitusAMC and Alias Intelligence have a shared core value to be a trusted partner to clients with a commitment to the delivery of exceptional outcomes,” said Anne Jablonski, Executive Managing Director and Head of Commercial Real Estate at SitusAMC. “The addition of Alias’ industry-leading reporting further enhances the value we can provide our clients as we look to help them scale their investment activity.” 

"As strong proponents of collaborative innovation, we are absolutely thrilled to announce our dynamic partnership with SitusAMC. I have long admired the way SitusAMC has conducted its business from afar, and now, together, we are poised to disrupt the commercial real estate due diligence landscape. At the heart of this partnership lies our shared passion for technological leadership and innovation,” said Adam Rudman, Founder & CEO at Alias Intelligence Inc. “This strategic partnership will empower our clients to seamlessly integrate the Alias Portal, streamlining background searches and underwriting processes into a singular, efficient workflow. This marks the first of many exciting partnerships in our pipeline." 


About SitusAMC   

SitusAMC is the leading independent provider of innovative, trusted solutions that support the entire lifecycle of commercial and residential real estate finance, powering more efficient, effective, and agile businesses. For more information, visit

About Alias Intelligence Inc.

ALIAS INTELLIGENCE is a technology-based background investigations and due diligence firm delivering the information and insights our clients need to protect and grow their businesses. Alias provides comprehensive background checks, asset searches, corporate due diligence, employment, and other business investigations to help our clients effectively evaluate opportunities, relationships, and risk. To learn more, visit

Press Contacts:

Andy Garrett 
Head of Marketing, SitusAMC 


Steven Kaye
Chief Operating Officer, Alias Intelligence

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