SitusAMC Complaint Policy

Updated May 2021

Policy Statement

SitusAMC Holdings Corporation and its wholly owned subsidiaries (together, “SitusAMC”) is committed to providing a high level of service. In the event of any complaints about its services, SitusAMC will ensure they are dealt with fairly, consistently, and promptly.

Complaints Procedures

1. Should you have any complaints about the performance of our services that you cannot resolve with the SitusAMC personnel in charge of your account, please address your complaint using the following link:; SitusAMC will respond via email acknowledging receipt of any complaint within two (2) business days of receiving it.

2. SitusAMC’s Complaints Handling Team will log and acknowledge receipt of the complaint and ensure timelines and escalation procedures are followed.

3. SitusAMC will then investigate the complaint. The way the investigation is undertaken will depend on the nature of the complaint itself and will be agreed between the Complaints Handling Team and the relevant department heads, as needed.

4. SitusAMC will endeavor to formally respond to the complaint within fourteen (14) business days of receipt (either suggesting a remediation measure, if appropriate, or explaining SitusAMC’s position if no remediation measure is found). If this timeframe cannot be satisfied, SitusAMC will notify the complainant immediately with an expected response time.

5. SitusAMC may invite the complainant to a meeting in order to discuss its proposed resolution of the complaint. If such a meeting is held SitusAMC will write to the complainant, ideally within three (3) business days, to reiterate what was discussed including mention of solutions or additional measures that were agreed to.

6. At this stage, if the complainant is still not satisfied, the matter will be escalated to the head of the respective business center.

7. SitusAMC will strive to close the complaint within thirty (30) days of receiving such a request, thus confirming its final position on the complaint and explaining the reasoning that formed the basis of decision making.