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SitusAMC Power Pro: Chad Berreth

Name: Chad Berreth

Title: Whole Loan Brokerage Professional 

Office: Denver, Colorado, partly remote

Day-to-Day: Business development for SitusAMC’s Whole Loan Brokerage business, which processes outsourcing and licensed underwriting for mortgage originators and servicers. Builds relationships in the mortgage industry, finding ways to create advantage for clients.

Where It All Started: Fargo, North Dakota.

“I grew up in Fargo. It’s a very cold place! I couldn’t wait to get out of there because of the cold, but the city is full of very fun-loving people.”

Defining Career Moment: Learning what it means to be a team player, especially in a small business environment.

“My greatest successes came in one of my earliest roles. The company provided a service to mortgage-backed securities issuers. I started in an operational role and watched the company grow at an exceptional speed – from 10 to 175 employees in just five years. Because we were growing when I started, I had to wear multiple hats and quickly learned that there’s an incredible amount of commitment that’s needed in small business environment.”

“I also moved over into sales while working there and that’s where I really found my stride. Having the operations knowledge was part of it, but I realized that I was good at building strong relationships and trust. I learned that it's not just about the sale for me, it’s about finding a way to help clients.”

Most Valuable Lesson Learned: Relationship building is important, but so is honesty – especially when things aren’t going well.

“I love meeting new clients and creating partnership that are beneficial for both parties. It’s very important to me. I want our clients to be just as excited about us as we are about them. I’ve also learned that you sometimes need to have tough conversations with your clients. Talking about failures is never fun, but it's important for building trust.”

Favorite Way to Unwind: Recreational volleyball league.

“I was looking for a physical activity to do a few years ago, just after the start of the pandemic. I hadn’t played in 20 years, but a few co-workers and I got together as things started to open up and created our own recreational league.”

Making a Difference: Joined the board of directors for RedLine, a local nonprofit.

“I was recently on the board of directors for RedLine, a cultural arts center based here in Denver. Its core focus is to provide free studio space for up-and-coming contemporary artists. It also uses art to promote social justice and gives underserved children instruction and mentoring, along with other community activities. The center didn't have anyone with a business background on the board. I can’t draw a stick figure myself, but I saw an area where I could add value.”

Personal Motto: Keep an open mind.

“When you're younger, you consider your own perspective. As you age, you gain insight and accept the fact that the world is bigger than you know.”

Dream Travel Destination: Jerusalem.

“There’s something about Jerusalem. It’s such an important historical location. I’m fascinated by it. I watch documentaries about it all the time.”


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